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“Aleksy66, also known as KRK or ‘kanenas,’ is an Athens-based artist working from his studio in Byron. Currently, he is deeply involved in his meme m(ν)eme study, dedicated to Greek culture, the blockchain ecosystem, metaverse, and AI. The debut of his work took place on Async as NFTs on September 5th, 2022, featuring the first chapter titled ‘Frogs of Phanes.’

As an artist, he has discovered a captivating equilibrium between the physical and digital realms. Utilizing a diverse range of physical and digital tools and mediums, his work is characterized by a nuanced blend of symbolism, comedy, and drama. This enables him to convey emotions and messages that resonate with the zeitgeist.”


Eleni Is Bored Again

Eleni entered the NFT space with her 1/1 project Eleni is bored again on the 19th of September 2021. The collection got sold out and more projects followed, like EIPA, EICA and Howels, who are also sold out. On the 19th of September 2022, Eleni launched her new 1/1 project Elenihilism, which is currently ongoing. She had been selected to be the resident artist of the House of Medici mentored by professor Jun. Her work has been exhibited in A2 Accelerate Art’s show “Past is Prologue” at the Elizabeth Street Gallery in Soho NY, curated by Claire Silver, during the NFT NYC 2022 and featured on Times Square, selected by Mentalist and curated by Vizmesh, the opening night of the NFT NYC 2022. She has been also part of Scope Art Show (Miami beach) curated by A2 Accelerate Art during Art Basel Miami 2022 and of the exhibition “I am…”, curated by Gxrl’s revolution at Iham Gallery, Paris, 2023. Her work has also been exhibited at 3 different venues at NFT NYC 2023. She has been part of collectives and collective projects such as Unsigned, curated by Operator (Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti) and Anika Meier and the VerseVerse’s genesis collection on Superare by curated by Ana Maria Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto, Sasha Stiles.

Eleni is a visual artist and holds an artistic career outside the NFT space as well.

Selene Visions

Selene is an Audiovisual 3D Artist & Designer, with over 13 years of multidisciplinary experience.

Driven by the power of dreams, intuition, and humanity’s diverse heritage, she crafts multidimensional experiences.
Her journey began in 2021, diving into the NFT space with her debut audiovisual experience, “Creator”.

In the last year, she’s embarked on a fashion-based journey, participating in the Vertical x Draup Fashion Design Residency. Her short film, “Awakening,” seamlessly blends fashion and nature, while her victories in the Fabricant’s creative challenges (“Orbitae” & “Koya”) solidified her fashion design presence.
What sets Selene apart is her unique approach that revolves around concept characters inhabiting ethereal, otherworldly realms.

She seamlessly blends character design, otherwordly environments, and editorial fashion to create truly immersive experiences that go beyond the superficial.


Harrys Tzortzakis

Harrys Tzortzakis was born in Piraeus and initially embarked on a journey in Physics at the University of Ioannina before pivoting to his true passion, acting. He excelled in his studies, graduating with distinction from the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire in 2010. Tzortzakis has since left a significant mark on the Greek theatrical scene, working with some of the country’s most esteemed directors across various prestigious stages, including the National Theatre, the Athens Festival, and the independent theatre circuit. Notably, his talents have also shone on the international stage, evidenced by his participation in the Avignon Festival with the performance “Vitrioli” under the direction of the internationally renowned Olivier Py.

Beyond the stage, Tzortzakis has ventured into film and television, contributing to both short and feature-length films, as well as TV productions. His creative pursuits extend to writing screenplays and articles for both print and digital media. Recently, he has published his first children’s book, showcasing his versatility and depth as an artist. In 2021, he began teaching acting at the Athens School, further sharing his experience and insights with aspiring actors.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Tzortzakis is a successful entrepreneur, owning the Yoga Retreat Hotel “Evia Silence”. He is a father to two children, Olga and Stavros, balancing his professional achievements with a fulfilling personal life. His recent projects include starring roles in television series and theatrical productions, as well as continuing his contributions to cinema, reflecting his dynamic and evolving career in the arts.

Vasilis Thalassinos

Vasilis Thalassinos, born January 22, 1982, in Thebes, Greece, is a versatile artist known for his dynamic contributions to the arts scene. Graduating from the Classic Lyceum of Thebes in 1999, he later pursued studies in Plastic Arts and Art Sciences at the University of Ioannina, honing his craft alongside prominent painters such as Dimitris Ratsikas and Takis Stefanou.

Thalassinos embarked on his artistic journey with a solo exhibition in Ioannina in 2004, marking the beginning of a prolific career. His creative ventures have taken him across Europe, from solo exhibitions in Athens and Porto to collaborative projects in Spain and Germany. Notably, he co-founded the ‘Kitʃ’ art gallery in Thebes, fostering a vibrant space for emerging artists and innovative workshops until 2010. Thalassinos’s artistic pursuits extend beyond traditional mediums; he is also a skilled illustrator, notably contributing to the ‘Delta Cee’ science fiction series.

Currently based in Athens, he dedicates himself to teaching art at Texnwn Ekato while continuing to inspire young minds through his experimental plastic arts workshops and creative endeavors.

Onyro (Anthony Kyriazis)

Onyro (Anthony Kyriazis) is a Athens based 3d abstract organic artist creating his imaginary world called “Organica” which is intended to become a experiential destination within the metaverse.

His 23 years of experience working within leading and ownership roles at Digital Agencies across London, NY and Athens have lead him to creating multi award winning platforms, campaigns & experiences for some of the biggest brands globally.

Onyro entered the NFT space in early October 2020 and was quickly ranked in the KO Hall of Fame. His art is unique, colourful, blissfull, creating dreamlike environments ever since his early days of 2000 as one of the pioneers of the emotional abstract 3d art movement.

His art has been exhibited across the globe at KnownOrigin Digital Natives, NFT Liverpool, The Contemporary Calgary, Amsterdam, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, NFT KOREA , NFTParis, NFTNYC at The garden.

His collectors tend to hold his work.
Art on SuperRare, Foundation, Manifold , NiftyGateway and KnownOrigin